We left Sydney a bit late, after someone higher up decided the plane didn’t need to depart until 4 hours after the original time.


Flight itself was pretty uneventful, and we got to the hostel just fine as per the Lonely Planet directions. Only major snag was the exchange rate offered at Sydney Airport, we thought it was good, but ended up being ripped off about $80. Very unimpressed!

After landing and as we where interacting with more and more people, it was becoming more and more obvious to us that the locals knew very little English, as in next to none, and we knew no Spanish. We have been lugging around both the Lonely Planet South America on a shoe string, and the Spanish phrase book, both which we have to continuously reference to get our point across in some meaningful fashion. On our next stop, Mendoza, we are gonna have to get some Spanish lessons!

Anyways, we spent the days being jet lagged, looking at people, and soaking in the sights of Santiago. Its a noisy city, always something going on, and never asleep. Although early risers should just stay in bed we have realised, nothing happens until after 10 at the earliest!


We got a hostel not far from the Metro, something we booked online. That was our second mistake. Considering we didn’t know how deep the pool was, and that we where finding ourselves sinking on the deep end, we would have been better of sticking to the beaten track, and gone with the run of the mill hostel, where it would have been easier to socialise and pick up some Spanish, as opposed to the best deal.

Anyways, the hostel itself was ok, except for the beds, every time either of us turn, we wake ourselves up from the shrieks of the bed. It is horrid! So we are still jetlagged, tired and grumpy. Having to always reference the phrase book when communicating doesnt make things easier!

We have been around though, Cerro Saint Lucia, our neighbour hood, Cerro San Christobal, the local Virgin Mary statue, Barrio Bellavista, the local Bohemian neighbour hood, and today, Barrio Brasil.

Something we think is a local peculiarity, is the coffee bars with the miniskirts. You walk in, purchase a ticket for whatever coffee you want, then go to another bar, where a female (not necessarily young and attractive) will take your ticket and serve you. The attraction is that they are wearing very short dresses that are see through. Interesting concept…

We also went to the Chile Historical museum today. I was surprised how little info there was on the early history, and how there was no comment on Pinnochets regime.

Cerro San Christobal
From Cerro San Christobal

Barrio Bellavista
Barrio Bellavista

Cerro San Christobal
Cerro San Christobal with open air auditorium for mass.

Tomorrow we are catching a mini bus to Mendoza, Argentina, but before that, we are gonna hit the town tonight, as long as we can be in bed before 9 to hopefully sleep the night through. 🙂

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