Great Ocean Road

We came down on the Cann River Highway, and camped in Shipwreck Bay on our way to Melbourne. We had some very delightful camphosts here, Jess and Sheree. Down in Melbourne, we picked up Chris, Irine and bernice, so now we where 7 in the car, which put great demands in our tidyness, as we where carrying far to much luggage.

The first night we drove to Warranambol, where we camped. It turned out that Chris had no sleepingbag, and the girls where freezing by themselves. Chris tried to get by the first night by borrowing all the jackets, but still he looked like a wreck the next morning, so he picked up a proper bag from Kmart.

Second night brought us to Johanna Beach, a lovely little place. 2 days after we left it, it was the be the arena for the Rip Curl surf comp.

Now we went into the Oway Ranges from Apollo bay, upto Stevenson Falls. Very Nice. Our camphost here was Nigel, which we suspected of having arranged a rave a few nights before.

Chris trying for a shower in the falls. Kind of cold.

Leaving the campsite, we got ourselves a group picture. F.l. Bernice, Irine, Alex, Peter, Jo, Chris and Jason.

Hume Dam was the last place we camped, before going back through Canberra to watch the ROC.

As you might have noticed, there are no pictures of the sights along the road, not because I dont have them, but because you can see them everywhere else. We ended up driving more than 2700km. I did most of the driving, and spent all day saturday and sunday recovering from the holliday. All in all, it was a good trip, recommended for everyone. Only thing we didnt do, and that I regret, is the Gibson Steps and Cape Otway. For next time. For anyone else concidering doing something similar, be firm when it comes to the luggage brought along, just because you have the space, doesnt meen you have the room.