Built like a brick shithouse!

Driving down to Bombala at 0130 at night, I hit a wombat. Knowing what to do, but not acting upon it, things didnt realy work out the way they could have. I stepped on the brakes, and tried to not hit the wombat.

The result?

I ended up in the oposite lane, facing the way I came from. Now, me and Sara could climb out unhurt, which was lucky I`d say. We flagged down the first semi, he took our details and radioed for help. Second semi to come past couldnt help us either, but said that the 3d probably could, and he was right. The 3d semi had some chain, that he could attach to my siderails to pull me up again. Now, I was blocking the right lane, he was blocking the left lane, so the road was blocked, and it was just after a hilltop, so he sent out a message on the CB that the road was blocked and anyone coming that way should back off. The 4th semi heard this, but didnt take any notice of it. Sara was on the top of the hill just in case to flag them down. This guy saw the torch, and still didnt slow down, coming around the bend, he saw what he was up against, stepped on the brakes, managed to get through in the ditch on the right hand side, ripping my roofracks of with his bullbar.

In the end, I was very lucky, no one got hurt, there wasnt much damage, and I could keep on driving. The siderails got bent in on the left side from taking the fall, the siderails on the right side got pulled out from the truck pulling me back up again. And the left side got pulled in after the fall.

The wombat? I dont know, couldnt find it….

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