Newnes Bushwalk

Bushwalk out of Newnes, spetacular country!

We met up at Uni 1900 friday night, after locating our trailer that wasn’t made ready for us, we could take of at 20. We entertained ourselves on the drive to Newnes by looking at the temperature gauge, seeing how low it could go. That night it went to 7. Some sleeping bags had ratings around the 4 mark…

Saturday morning we started walking at 8, the road up the valley had been extended since the 70s, which was the most recent release of our map, so we could keep a good pace for the 1st third of the way up the valley. The walk up to the top, was through the scrub, the only way is the one we made for ourself. We all have the cuts to prove it.

It was fairly dense and not many places to sit down for a good rest. Camelbaks seemed to be a good investment, considering you didnt have to take of your pack all the time to get some water.

After a long walk to the top, 5 hours or so, we had lunch. Some where hungrier than others.

The view from where we sat, was spetacular!

After lunch we made our way over to Point Nicholson, it was a bit of a scramble getting there.

After looking for the campsite for a while, we looked at the map one more time, and figured we hadn’t looked where it probably was. So we looked there, and we found it. Excellent spot, sheltered and nice!

That night we entertained ourselves with games and Shamrock Cream in front of the campfire. Not bad! It got down to 4 degrees during the night, and other peoples bodyheat attracted the cold ones. The ones with good sleeping bags where fine by themselves though.

We where up and walking by 8 the next morning, traversing the ridge above Little Capertree creek. There where lots of ups and downs getting from one point to the other, with rock scrambling and pack hauling.

But the group was mighty happy nevertheless.

From left: Jo, Justine, Lynn, Peter, Alex, Mark and Dave.

We found our canyon too, and it was truly a hidden gem! We had to packhaul and crawl through tight spaces twice, really getting to know our rocks and how hard they could be on our heads.

The end of the canyon saw us coming into a second sort of canyon, very nice!

We where back by the car by 16, but didn’t make it back to the Gong before 21, taking the scenic route through Sydney.

All in all a very good trip, well hidden with some spectacular scenery.

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